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Slow Down and Enjoy Life

While watching a candy commercial where the actress enjoyed her chocolate candy slowly and intently, it caused me to ponder life.

Why are we always rushing through everything? Why have we become such a community of people who reward fast, faster and fastest? Will we learn to enjoy life beyond vacation?

I will take my cue from the actress on the commercial… I will slow down and smell the roses, eat my ice-cream slowly and treasure every moment that I am alive.

Keep it Sexy



EventWorld 2011

What an exciting month in the world of education and events!

It has been a while since the last post but not due to lack of topics… try too many topics!

Yes, we have been so busy here this month and have decided to grab a few minutes to give you an update.

I am all about education and because my company is Always OTop, EventWorld 2011 was at the top of the list this month.

Beautiful Details from the Marriott Union Station Lobby

I received a scholarship from the Search Foundation to attend EventWorld 2011.  If you are not familiar with the Search Foundation, you should certainly take a moment to check it out.  It’s an amazing organization that provides support for event professionals that are confronted with a catastrophic occurrence.  How amazing is that?  People helping people is what it’s all about.

The conference was held in St. Louis and hosted by the Marriott Union Station Hotel.  This hotel is a remodeled train station and it was absolutely amazing!

The night I arrived, we had dinner at an Asian Fusion Tapas restaurant.  I highly recommend the Mosaic restaurant in St. Louis!

Yummy Mushroom Tart

EventWorld was full of fun, educational programs designed to encourage, motivate and inspire!  I had loads of fun meeting people from across the US, Canada and the UK! 

The affair to remember was the glitzy and glamorous Esprit Awards.  The decor was beautiful and elegant.  I have included a few iPhone pics for your enjoyment!


If you ever have an opportunity to attend EventWorld, DO IT!

Keep It Sexy!

It Takes a Village…

Successful events don’t just happen! 

They aren’t magically delivered in the 30 minutes it takes to watch a wedding reality show.   There is no one man (or woman) who can plan, cook, serve, dj and photograph an event.

We need each other. 

It takes a whole village to execute an amazing event.

Okay, maybe not a whole village but it does take a number of PROFESSIONALS.  We cannot do it alone and the sooner everyone involved figures that out, the better the experience for the client.  That’s who we’re here for anyway, right?

I know the hard work that goes into an event.  I also know that many vendors prefer to work directly with a professional planner; it makes their job easier. 

Well vendors, we need your help!  

We are doing our part to enlighten the world but it would help if you (please) educate your clients about the importance of hiring a professional wedding/event planner.  Help us, help you (and your clients)!

I wish I could change the minds of everyone who felt that they couldn’t afford a wedding planner.  It’s so sad to see people (brides) stress about something that comes so natural to me.  Sadly, many still see wedding planners as a luxury and not a necessity. 

We are both!

It is luxurious to have someone you trust handle all the details of the most intricate day of your life and 



Keep it Sexy!