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Back In the Day…

If your inbox was like mine this week, it was full of ads for shopping and SAVING money!  In the interest of something different, I am sending this post your way.

Lately, I have been thinking of and remembering the past.

Maybe it’s because I’m almost tall enough to look 40 in the eye, or because I am beginning to think of my younger days as movie trailers full of action and adventure; whatever the reason, I am missing the days gone by as one might miss an old friend.

As the images of the past roll through my brain’s projector and cast a picture of the carefree days of my youth on the white wall of my mind, I wish that I could speak to the younger me and tell her to “DO MORE”!  Study harder and travel farther… go to the places that you could only dream of going and don’t worry about money (there’ll be plenty of time for that).

I don’t want to go back because like an old friend that is no more, there was a time and a season.

I want to learn, however, to embrace this next season and tell my older self “DO MORE“!

Travel farther, love harder and laugh… really laugh. 

The kind of laugh that is contagious and causes your jaws to ache and your belly to hurt.

As the holiday season continues, spend less and love more!