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Eating, Drinking and Succeeding!

I’m a little late in sharing, but I wanted to tell you all about the amazing time we had with Laura Schwartz of White House Strategies!

Laura came to town and talked to the fantastic members and guests of ISES-GT; she spoke to the value of networking and how to do it like a pro! Laura began the evening with a display of the principles she writes about. She certainly walks the talk! Below is a picture of the custom designed cake created by none other than Donna Ford of Sweet Memories Bakery.

Custom designed to match Laura's book cover!

Custom designed to match Laura

Laura Schwartz

Laura embraced the attendees with a pleasant smile and firm handshake. She regaled the group with wonderful stories and tales of her “climb”. As the evening progressed, Laura spoke of her experiences as White House correspondent and beyond.

Laura Schwartz is a phenomenal speaker with a top-notch personality. The Greater Triangle Chapter of ISES thoroughly enjoyed the event and the food was amazing! The Crabtree Marriott delivered! They went above and beyond to ensure that we were taken care of and all needs were met.

Thank you to all involved for creating a truly amazing and SEXY event! Special thanks to Julie Lee of the Marriott Crabtree; Carrie Peele of Blue Diamond Limo; Lenny Fritts of Touch of Class DJs; Allison Perry of Cute Buttons; Tesh Parekh of IWP Photography; Julie Liles ofJulie Liles Floral; Donna Ford of Sweet Memories Bakery; Makia Walls of AOT Events; Bridgett DuPree of Connie Duglin Linen

I love the partnerships that we have built and nurtured over the years!



Planning on a Budget – Photography

Planning on a budget is fine… we’re all on some sort of budgetWhen planning your wedding one of the first things you should do is determine your budget.  Be realistic when deciding on your budget.  If you cannot afford a $55,000 event, then don’t plan on having a $55,000 budget.  Sounds simple right?!

After determining your (realistic) budget, you can begin to ponder some of the must have items. 

Today’s post will focus on PHOTOGRAPHY.

Do not skip this invaluable vendor.  You may have seen the ads and articles on placing cameras at your table and allowing your guests to take part in your wedding.  Great! But please keep in mind that you will end up with many of the same picture, they will take pictures of themselves and the quality will be that of a disposable camera in dim lighting (not so great).

A professional photographer is a must have!  Believe me, I wish I had chosen the professional route. When I got married, I thought a “real” photographer would break the bank. 

I now realize that I went through that regrettable experience so I could warn against it.

Pictures truly are memories that you can hold in your hand.

 You may be thinking that a photographer is out of your budget but there are excellent photographers in every price range.  Do your research, ask around and don’t be afraid to contact a few.  If they are too expensive for you they may know someone who better fits your style and budget. 

Keep it Sexy