Sweet Treats and Southern Charm

I had the sweetest treat this week: I visited Sweet Memories Bakery, owned by none other than the talented, Donna Ford.

I was greeted with a pleasant smile when I walked through the door (that’s very important to a customer service guru).  The teasing aroma of cake and icing and sugar and spice was enough to tempt Jenny Craig herself!

Although Donna was busy with orders and such, she took a moment to come out and talk.  She was pleasant and charming and above that, she gave me CAKE!  She practically forced me to take it (and if you believe that, have I got a bridge for you)!

I was treated to a Strawberry Shortcake cupcake that could have easily been perfectly picked, fresh from the strawberry patch; and the Southern Aristocrat was a true leader in the world of cupcakes.  (Both are pictured below, pre-demolition).

The next time you’re in Apex, stop by for a treat and tell Donna, “Makia says hello”.

Sidebar: I was very nice and took them home for my family to taste.  That will certainly get me some points in heaven! 😀

Keep it Sexy!


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