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Excited and Motivated

It has been quite a few days since my last post.  I’ve been a little busy and quite frankly I haven’t felt like I had anything great to say.

You know the old adage, “if you don’t have anything to say…”

I am however very pleased with the turnout of the summer session for the Special Event Planning course that I have the pleasure of instructing.  The students that have honored me with their presence are excited and motivated to get more involved in not only the event industry but in taking control of their business lives and stepping out on their own.

I am happy to be involved in their development. 

As I have stated in the past, competition doesn’t scare me; it’s just the opposite.  I am motivated to do more and go further in this industry and build a stronger foundation. 

I tell my students, when they get that $1,000,000 client, CALL ME.  I’ll work for them… no problem.

Have a very happy holiday. 

Get some rest and remember those who served and died for our country; not just 30 years ago but 30 days ago!

Keep it Sexy!


The bride needs support…

It has recently come to my attention that although a bride may know that she needs help to plan her wedding and she may desire professional guidance planning her wedding… often times there is someone in her ear telling her that she can do it alone!

“Why do you need a wedding planner”? “It’s stupid to hire someone, can’t you do it”?

What regular person could listen to that and not succumb? 

Now take a bride (because they are no longer regular people), with all the stress and hormonal issues inundating her mental capacity every day since saying “I Do”, and add in the pressure of a fiancé, parent or best friend – telling her that she’s crazy for wanting outside help.

I feel sorry for the bride that is placed in this position because normally the people who instruct the bride not to get help, have no clue what effect it will have physically, mentally and emotionally when she attempts to go it alone.

Nor will they be involved the way that she needs them to be (because they won’t know how to be).

Men support your bride… encourage her to seek assistance.  She deserves a friend that has all the expert knowledge needed to guide her through this once in a lifetime journey. 

Not to mention we know all the GREAT vendors and you won’t have to look at every linen and china pattern available!  That’s my job!

Keep It Sexy!

It Takes a Village…

Successful events don’t just happen! 

They aren’t magically delivered in the 30 minutes it takes to watch a wedding reality show.   There is no one man (or woman) who can plan, cook, serve, dj and photograph an event.

We need each other. 

It takes a whole village to execute an amazing event.

Okay, maybe not a whole village but it does take a number of PROFESSIONALS.  We cannot do it alone and the sooner everyone involved figures that out, the better the experience for the client.  That’s who we’re here for anyway, right?

I know the hard work that goes into an event.  I also know that many vendors prefer to work directly with a professional planner; it makes their job easier. 

Well vendors, we need your help!  

We are doing our part to enlighten the world but it would help if you (please) educate your clients about the importance of hiring a professional wedding/event planner.  Help us, help you (and your clients)!

I wish I could change the minds of everyone who felt that they couldn’t afford a wedding planner.  It’s so sad to see people (brides) stress about something that comes so natural to me.  Sadly, many still see wedding planners as a luxury and not a necessity. 

We are both!

It is luxurious to have someone you trust handle all the details of the most intricate day of your life and 



Keep it Sexy!

Planning on a Budget – Photography

Planning on a budget is fine… we’re all on some sort of budgetWhen planning your wedding one of the first things you should do is determine your budget.  Be realistic when deciding on your budget.  If you cannot afford a $55,000 event, then don’t plan on having a $55,000 budget.  Sounds simple right?!

After determining your (realistic) budget, you can begin to ponder some of the must have items. 

Today’s post will focus on PHOTOGRAPHY.

Do not skip this invaluable vendor.  You may have seen the ads and articles on placing cameras at your table and allowing your guests to take part in your wedding.  Great! But please keep in mind that you will end up with many of the same picture, they will take pictures of themselves and the quality will be that of a disposable camera in dim lighting (not so great).

A professional photographer is a must have!  Believe me, I wish I had chosen the professional route. When I got married, I thought a “real” photographer would break the bank. 

I now realize that I went through that regrettable experience so I could warn against it.

Pictures truly are memories that you can hold in your hand.

 You may be thinking that a photographer is out of your budget but there are excellent photographers in every price range.  Do your research, ask around and don’t be afraid to contact a few.  If they are too expensive for you they may know someone who better fits your style and budget. 

Keep it Sexy