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Hello world!

Welcome to AOT Events!   Please allow me to introduce myself…

Over the years, I wondered if it was possible to exist and succeed in the event world if you didn’t conform to the “normal” attitudes and behaviors of event and wedding planners (vendors).  For example, I’ve never been much into cliques and I’m not very “huggy”.  In the beginning, I tried to be; I wanted to fit-in with what seemed liked the norm.  As time passed, I realized that this approach was not working for me.  I have always been true to myself and this area of my life was not going to be any different. 

I have had the opportunity to get to know some very genuine people in the industry and I’ve made the choice to be an industry leader by helping  to guide others through this vast, sometimes overwhelming land of planning events.  I do this with no fear of competition… I actually welcome it. 

Bring your A-GAME because I’m certainly bringing mine!

I have decided that I can be successful by being myself.  I am a very personable, friendly and caring person; I don’t do well with small talk (I say what needs to be said and then I shut up).  I enjoy helping people and I value the time that I get to spend with my family.  I don’t speak my mind as often or in the same manner that I used to (blame it on maturity).  I appreciate everything that life sends my way and I always come out on top! 

I also know that there are brides that are excited to the 150th degree about getting married but they too are not the typical “fluffy” bride.  Maybe you just need someone who is as streamlined as you are.  That’s me! 

Streamlined and Sexy Events (hey I like that)!

Now that you know me, learn a little about the blog…

I intend to give you some real talk about life and the things that interest me (and hopefully YOU).  I’ll post pictures, links to other blogs, educational events and a whole lot more. 

When you see me, remember a hug is nice but not necessary.

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